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E-Book Leveled Libraries

Read, Interact, and Extend Learning in New Ways

Having thousands of e-book titles to choose from makes it hard to decide which collection to select. High-quality content, engaging and interactive tools, rich text, and powerful graphics provide the perfect addition to any classroom. Customize your collection and know that behind each e-book is the support you need to address the demands of the new reading, writing, and language standards.

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interactive ebooks

Annotate! Highlight!

Online tools provide opportunities to add questions and use close reading techniques to respond to text.

audio books


Audio-synchronized text highlighting links the spoken word and printed text to extend the experience to listening comprehension. Includes word-by-word tracking.

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Create and personalize bookshelves and customize assignments for students using guided reading and Lexile® levels, topics and strategies.

interactive ebooks

Link! Embed! Share!

Linking to the web and embedding videos allow students to locate and use evidence to make text-based arguments and extend learning beyond the printed page.

interactive ebooks


You can create virtual copies of each e-book. All annotations, notes, and additions you make to the e-book are saved. These virtual copies can be assigned, addded to a bookshelf, or used for whole-group presentations!

ebook library

Mobile Apps

No connection? No problem. Access to e-Books provided for the iPhone, Ipad, Android phone, Android tablets, and Chromebook.

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Bring mini-lessons to life

Perfect for Whole-Group and Small-Group Instruction

interactive ebooks

Model and Engage

Use feature-rich presentation tools bundled with engaging content to teach comprehension strategies, fluency, and more.

Make It Your Own

Customize your posters and save them for use from year to year.

Window Shades

Use to activate prior knowledge and support predictions.


Embed videos into your e-posters.


Add hyperlinks to extend learning.


Read-aloud audio is synchronized and includes highlighted tracking of the text.